The initial vision of a project is the exciting first step down a road. Our extensive experience of assisting major communications and arts projects to get off the ground will help smooth the path. We can assist you in the brain-storming phase, and will help you create a road map and specific goals for your project.

We have project managed major developments, from initial vision to every step along the path to successful completion. We can work as project managers to ensure you move systematically down the path of your project’s evolution. We can marshall and coordinate a variety of key players, team members and suppliers to ensure goals are met on time and within budget.

We have had extensive experience working with philanthropists, strategic planners, executives and politicians in the implementation of significant projects. Bringing together these agencies to help you execute your project is our speciality. No major project is successful without the creative collaboration of a variety of influential team players.

We can assist you to promote and publicise your project in print, electronic and social media, through a variety of promotional, marketing and public relations initiatives. We have extensive experience promoting development projects at national and international level, in the national press, and through electronic and digital media.

As your plan unfolds you may want to bring in political brokers, movers and shakers, fund-raisers, and a variety of local and national influences to accelerate its progress. We can assist you to ensure that key players with influence are informed of your case, understand your goals, and can facilitate your project.


We can help put you in contact with key funding and sponsorship agencies, thereby assisting you in drawing together the appropriate financial resources for your project. Each project has the capacity to attract a different range of funding sources, and we can help you to find the best match.

Meet John Cranna

John Cranna"My passion is in helping bring together talented people to make important projects happen! From my work helping form a creative community in one of London's most violent and drug-ridden slum estates, to my work on a visionary national centre to commemorate NZ's most significant painter, Colin McCahon, I love to help bring people and resources together to create visionary new initiatives. At NZ's largest circulation magazine, I was fortunate to work with some of our nation's most talented designers, photographers, and writers. I can bring a fresh vision and energy to your arts or communications project!"

Some of our projects...

  • The Creative Hub

    The Creative Hub

    Auckland’s waterfront writing centre ...

    Established The Creative Hub, a waterfront writing centre where NZ’s leading writers teach writing courses to the public.

  • Relaunch of AA Directions Magazine

    Relaunch of AA Directions Magazine

    NZ’s largest circulation magazine ...

    AA Directions re-launched and moved from fifth to most-read magazine in NZ. The NBR called this ‘one of the most remarkable transformations in NZ media history’.

  • The Colin McCahon House project

    The Colin McCahon House project

    The home of NZ’s greatest painter ...

    Co-founded the Colin McCahon House project in Titirangi, a visionary project renovating the house of NZ’s most prominent painter.

  • The Stables Artists Project

    The Stables Artists Project

    An arts collective in NZ's oldest urban stables ...

    A consortium of a major construction firm, heritage architects and a corporate law firm join forces with a new vision to save a heritage building and conserve a vibrant community.

  • The Centre for Modern Writing at AUT University

    The Centre for Modern Writing at AUT University

    AUT University's first creative writing centre ...

    Established the Centre for Modern Writing and AUT's first Master of Creative Writing.

  • The NZ Human Rights Commission

    The NZ Human Rights Commission

    The Human Rights Commission’s first media committee ...

    Re-launched the Commission’s national brand profile.

  • The Hillview Estate, Kings Cross, London

    The Hillview Estate, Kings Cross, London

    An artists' community at the heart of one of London's most violent slums ...

    The Hillview estate refurbishment in Kings Cross eventually won a top London housing renovation award.

  • Restructuring the NZ Society of Authors

    Restructuring the NZ Society of Authors

    A new democratic structure for our national writers organisation ...

    The organisation for NZ's professional writers was re-structured on a regional and representative basis.


“A thrilling, visionary project that commemorates the life of New Zealand’s most talented painter …’

Waitakere Mayor, Bob Harvey, on the Colin McCahon House project

“One of the most remarkable transformations in New Zealand media history … ”

Deborah Hill Cone, News Editor of the National Business Review,
on John Cranna’s re-launch of AA Directions magazine

“Hillview have worked hard to transform their environment. I urge you to give this proposal serious consideration …”

Mayor Ken Livingstone, Greater London Council, on the successful Hillview campaign

“You have bucket loads of talent … and an infectious enthusiasm for your profession and the pursuit of excellence.”

AUT University Pro-Vice Chancellor, Philip Sallis on John Cranna’s work developing writing centres …

“A five star course! …

Creative Hub writing student

“To win the overall award as best post-graduate teacher at the University in 2008 is a great achievement …”

AUT Students Association, on making the award of Best Post Graduate Supervisor to John Cranna at AUT University.

“The reform of our national structure was timely, long overdue, and successful …”

Kevin Ireland, National President, NZ Society of Authors

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